Yin Ji
LI Xiang
Shanghai Geotechnical Investigation & Design, co,.ltd.
Prelimilary Slope Stability Analysis in Kenya
Karimenu II Dam Water Supply Works Project

A.Mellal, Stucky Ing. Conseils SA
Static and Dynamic Analyses of Concrete Dams

A.Mellal, Stucky Ing. Conseils SA
Evaluation of the behaviour of an arch-gravity dam featuring a pre-existing crack

A.Mellal, Stucky Ing. Conseils SA
Seismic safety of a buttress dam and appurtenant structures – 3D static and dynamic analyses

A.Mellal, Stucky Ing. Conseils SA
Heightening of an existing gravity dam – static and dynamic analyses

A. Urbański, Cracow University of Technology & ZACE Services Ltd
Modeling of thermal, filtration and mechanical phenomena in selected sections of a gravity dam

S. Commend and F. Geiser, GeoMod ing. conseils SA
Case study. Stability of an earthdam

F. Geiser and S. Commend, GeoMod ing. conseils SA
Seismic verification of a dam

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