How to activate Floating License for Single User?

How to activate Floating License for Single User?

Internet connection is required to activate a ZSoil Floating License. Please check your connection before following the procedure below.

  1. Run the ZSoil Protection Manager (Search for ZSoil Protection Manager 2023 or it can be found under Program Files\ZSoil\Tools v2023\ZPrtMngr)
  2. Choose Floating/Node-locked Protection type
  3. Enter Activation code
  4. Press the button “Get protection key for the specified activation code

5. You will be redirected to . Please fill in your User name and Email address and then press “Get Protection key” button


6. Your Protection key will be sent to specified email address

7. Enter Protection key and press the button “Activate license with the specified activation code and protection key by direct connection to protection server

8. Wait for a confirmation about successful activation

9. Close ZSoil Protection Manager with OK button

If you are having trouble activating a license, it may be because your antivirus/firewall settings are blocking the connection to the ZSoil Protection Server. HTTP protocol is used during activation, therefore port 80 should be opened for (IP

If you are still having issues, please don’t hesitate to contact