How to activate the hardware key?

ZSoil hardware keys


1) Plug your ZSoil hardware key to the USB port
2) Install ZSoil v2014 from the pen drive delivered by ZACE Ltd.

3) Run the ZSoil Protection Manager
   (Start\All Programs\ZSoil 2014\Tools\ ZSoil Protection Manager)


4) Choose the Hardware (UBS key with is required) protection type  and close dialog box with OK button in order to save settings.

5) Run ZSoil by a double click on ZSoil 2014 v14.XX icon from the desktop
6) On the first run, the user be informed that an authorization of the protection key is required:



7) Enter password and press the button “Generate protection file”


8) Attach the generated file from USB key to an email and send it to ZACE Ltd. (
9) On return, the user will be provided with the activated protection key ( file)
10) Once is copied to the USB key, the version v2014 is fully activated