How to activate the license for a network version protected with HASP HL Net protection key ?


 HASPkeyHASP HL Net key

Please note that HASP network dongle uses TCP/UDP port 1947 for local (LAN only) communication.  This port must not be blocked in order for a station to access the network license.


  • Run the ZSoil Protection Manager
    (Start\All Programs\ZSoil 2014\Tools\ ZSoil Protection Manager)


  • Choose the Hardware (HASP key is required) protection type and check  Network flag
  • Clear IP address edit field
  • Please close ZSoil Protection Manager with OK button


  • Status of the HASP key is monitored by Sentinel Admin Control Center.
    Run http://localhost:1947 in a web browser in order to display current status of the HASP key.