How to activate the license for a network version?


Hardware key activation procedure on server machine

  • Plug your ZSoil hardware key to the USB port
  • Install the ZSoil v2014 from the pen drive delivered by ZACE Ltd

Choose Network version  during a software installation

  • Run the ZSoil Network Protection Monitor
    (Start\All Programs\ZSoil 2014\Tools\ ZSoil Network Protection Monitor)
  • On the first run, the user be informed that an authorization of the protection key is required:


  • Enter the password and press the button “Generate protection file”



  • Attach the generated pro from a USB key to an email and send it to ZACE Ltd. (
  • On return, the user will be provided with the activated protection key (pro file) which should be copied to the USB key

Activation procedure on a node computer

  • Install ZSoil v2014

Choose Single user version during software installation



  • Run the ZSoil Protection Manager
    (Start\All Programs\ZSoil 2014\Tools\ ZSoil Protection Manager)
  • Choose the Network protection type and enter a IP address or server name


  • ZSoil Network Protection Monitor must be running in order to run ZSoil software on a node computer