ZSoil 2016 Release Notes

Updated July 29, 2019.

This document provides a general summary of new features and important notes about the ZSoil® v2016 software product.

What’s New in ZSoil® 2016 v16.10

  • Preprocessing
    – Hide/show for beam loads has been added to Visibilty dialog  box
    – Resolved issue with scaling of fluid head elements
  •  Postprocessing
    – Resolved issue with drawing tau stresses for 2D contact.
    – Added export Armer-Wood moments and membrane forces to ParaView format
    – corrected visualization of MNT results integrated from continuum 3D
  • ZSoil Menu
    –  Added support for multi range existence function for seepage elements

What’s New in ZSoil® 2016 v16.09

  • Preprocessing
    – Correction regarding Display color introduced in v16.08  has been rolled back
    – Resolved issue with zero multiplier for multiple extrusion and copy with translation
    – Resolved issue with undo operation for membrane 2D elements
  •  Postprocessing
    – Resolved issue with Element info for large-scale models
    – Improved MNT diagrams from continuum 3D (this option will not work in 3D if holes are present in the cross section)
    – Problem with visualization of local deformations on truss elements is corrected
  • ZSoil Menu
    – Option [Export to Excel] in the dialog Acceleration toolbox (under load time functions) was replaced by [Signal processing]. Direct export to the Excel will no further be supported. Postprocessed Fourier spectrum, elastic response spectra are visualized directly in the dialog box and can be exported in the  *.csv format; plot of integrated velocities and displacements from given acceleration record was added
    – Direct export to the Excel will no further be supported for Pushover results. Capacity curves, demand spectra and report  are visualized directly in the dialog box
  • Calculation module
    – Corrected lack of handling of enforced fluid pressure boundary conditions on nodes on which Fluid Head BC was defined earlier and then canceled
    – Improved stress-strain integration in plastic damage model for concrete
    – Problem with activating nonlinear solvers other than Full Newton-Raphson for the steady state fluid flow is corrected
  • Virtual Lab
    – Removed problem related to inability of reproducing loading programs of real test for the oedometric test in the Lab Test Simulation module
    – Removed problem related to data transfer after using the Initial State Profile tool
    – Fixed mismatching messages in the Lab Test Simulation module for ‘Simulate all checked’ option
    – Fixed a problem with non-ascii characters in a file name
    – Fixed a problem of unit conversion on close the Virtual Lab application
    – Minor bug fixes and improvements

What’s New in ZSoil® 2016 v16.08

  • Preprocessing
    – Accelerating generation of elements/nodes using translation, rotation and symmetry methods for large-scale models
    – Fixed a problem with creating subdomains by faces extrusion along extrusion direction
    – Introduced a method for easier modification of length and angle for anchors and nails
    – Fixed a problem with visibility of node numbers when nodes were hidden by “Hide of selected elements”
    Display color is not changed to Initial material using Show excavation/construction steps mode
  •  Postprocessing
    – Fixed an export of MNT results for Continuum 3D
    – Fixed a problem with keybord shortcuts
    – Acceleration of file loading with a large number of time steps
  • ZSoil Menu
    – Acceleration of writing *.DAT file for large-scale models
  • Calculation module
    – Acceleration of the flow analysis for large-scale model with the use of mesh tying elements
    – Fixed a problem with negative value of CPU time in LOG file
    – Added an elapsed time to LOG file
  • Virtual Lab
    – Fixed minor bugs in Parameter Identification module
    – Fixed a problem with opening the Parameter Identification dialog after loading an existing project
    – Fixed overestimating the failure ratio (R_f) and secant modulus (E_50) for the cases with unloading cycles between 0.25 and 0.75 of failure deviatoric stress (q_f)

What’s New in ZSoil® 2016 v16.06

  •  Postprocessing
    – Added an export results in layers to ParaView

What’s New in ZSoil® 2016 v16.01 (Initial release)

  • New damage-plastic model for concrete
  • Virtual geotechnical laboratory toolbox
  • Diaphragm/sheet pile wall template on PC platform
  • New user friendly interface based on ribbon technology is compatible with pre-processing. Easy access to the most commonly used options.
  • Export results to Paraview (*.vtu format)
  • Python scripting (mainly postprocessing and automatic reporting)