Symposium & User Meeting 2023

Symposium and User Meeting
Friday 25 August 2023, 09:00–17:30
Live at HEIA Fribourg, Switzerland or online by Zoom
Celebrating 38 years ZSoil

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The symposium combines invited presentations, and contributions by ZSOIL users and others. It has been taking place every year in late summer over the past twenty years, at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, in Lausanne and newly at Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et d’Architecture de Fribourg.



9h – 16h30: 20′-30′ talks. Confirmed speakers and topics

J. Minini, M. Dupays, S. Commend: Prediction of diaphragm wall displacements using live-bayesian model calibration

M. Brandtner, A. Poisel: A numerical time travel with stops at different problem statements

G.W. Byun: Dynamic analysis for ground movement due to blast load on NATM tunnel

A. Truty: New developments in ZSoil v2023 midyear upgrade. Why do we need full van Genuchten’s law, Biot coefficient and modified Bishop effective stress principle?

Y. Ji: Stability analysis of the foundation for the super-high-rise building on the weathered rock-a 380m case in Changsha, China

Y. Ji: Modelling the process of correcting inclination building by jack-up method in Henan Province, China

A. Truty: Estimating Hardening Soil model parameters for sands based on CPTU tests and laboratory experimental evidence

R. Obrzud, R.Maye: Application of thick shells to modeling diaphragm walls in large scale 3D models

M. Preisig: Theory, application and validation of interface elements

M. Delage, G. Jacot-Descombes: Modeling wood joints with ZSoil

J. Levkov, L. Léchot: Using conditional random fields to model slope instabilities

A. Truty: Heat exchangers in ZSoil 2024

S. Kivell: What’s new within ZSoil 2024?

As well as other contributions by: K. Podles, K. Dziedzic

17h-19h: cocktail dinner

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