ZSOIL 2023 price list

ZSoil versionYearly, network 10 workplacesYearly, network 20 workplacesYearly, network 50 workplacesPerpetual, single userPerpetual, network 10 workplaces
Professional 2D/3D13 49022 99016 99027 490
Professional 2D6 4907 99012 990
Academic 2D/3D3 4908 990

All prices are in EUROS, no tax included and subject to changes without prior notice.

The Professional license is meant for professional use, consulting, court cases, applied research etc.

The Academic license is meant for teaching purposes in Universities and equivalent teaching institutions.

Academic versions are protected with watermarks on prints.

Discount 10%-40% for previous owners (non cumulative) applicable to current list price, of owned version,
on upgrades only, on single user versions only, network and rental versions excluded. 

Customer Support by email: 1 year included ; 1 year extension: 15% of  current reference full price, max 3 years in a row