ZSTools for Rhino3D©

ZSTools for Rhino3D©[1]

Version (2019/08/25)

Author: Matthias Preisig, Geomod SA, Epinettes 32, 1007 Lausanne, mpreisig@geomod.ch


ZSTools is a toolbox of functions for Rhino. It is designed to enhance productivity of meshing by enabling interaction between Rhino and ZSoil Preprocessor.
ZSTools allows objects created in Rhino 6 to be exported to ZSoil .inp file format. To this end the Rhino objects need to be selected and the appropriate Rhino-command has to be called.
ZSTools has two main functionalities:

  • Exporting geometric objects: Points and curves can be exported to ZSoil Preprocessor as geometric objects.
  • Exporting finite elements: Geometric objects can be exported to ZSoil Preprocessor directly as finite elements. This step requires definition of the type of finite element prior to exporting, as surfaces and lines can be the basic shape of several types of elements: Shells, membranes and 2D continuum elements for 4-noded surface objects, and beams or trusses for curve objects. Optionally, finite element properties such as material, existence and load functions and replacement material numbers can be defined in Rhino and exported to ZSoil as properties attached to the finite elements.


ZSTools includes the following functions:

Exporting Points and Lines to ZSoil .inp file format
Exporting Finite Elements with attached properties to ZSoil .inp file format
Setting finite element types of geometric shapes (Volumics, Shells, Membranes, Continuum 2D, Trusses and Beams)
Setting material, existence, load function and replacement material numbers for selected finite elements and thickness for single layer shells

Download ZSTools Manual Download ZSTools setup file

ZSTools for Rhino: How you can use Rhino to increase productivity in building ZSoil models

[1] Rhino3D, version 6, by Robert McNeel & Associates www.rhino3d.com: Rhino is a software for creating geometric objects in 3D.